DUM-DUM LLP Presents「MOURN Live in Japan 2019」

Catalonian quartet MOURN's first Japan live !!


DUM-DUM LLP Presents「MOURN Live in Japan 2019」

Date: Tue 12th March 2019
Venue: Shindaita fever
Act: MOURN + Openieng act
Doors Open: 18:00
Start: 18:30
Ticket: ¥4,000 (pre-tickets only. drink is not included in this ticket price)
Info: Shindaita fever +81-3-6304-7899

MOURN stormed onto the scene in 2014 with their self-titled debut - a work of angular indie rock and pointed lyricism delivered with confidence well beyond their teenage years. Two years later, they returned with the equally superb Ha, Ha, He. and proved themselves worthy of the early praise, squashing any remaining questions of fleeting hype. But with seemingly endless opportunities in front of them, MOURN found themselves caught in a legal dispute with their former Spanish label, rendering them unable to tour or effectively support their sophomore effort.

Facing the sort of obstacles that might, understandably, derail a fledgling band’s career, MOURN instead forged ahead, and in typical fashion managed to harness their swirling anger, frustration, and passion from the past 2 years into new music. Now, only just recently freed from their legal binds, MOURN is back in full force to share their 3rd full-length album, Sorpresa Familia.

MOURN // Barcelona City Tour

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Tue Mar 12, 2019
6:00 PM - 10:30 PM JST
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Pre Ticket ¥4,000
Pre ticket SOLD OUT ¥3,500

Combini / ATM payment will be closed at the end of Mar 11, 2019.

Venue Address
1-1-14 Hanegi Setagayaku Tokyo Japan
Dum Dum